How is the surface of the glass so flat?

At present, flat glass is generally used in a float process. (Also known as float glass) The process is to pour molten glass into a tin bath. The tin bath is about a few meters wide and several tens of meters long. Since the molten glass has a temperature of nearly a thousand degrees, the tin is melted. And the density of the tin liquid is greater than the density of the glass liquid, so the glass liquid floats on the surface of the tin liquid. The glass on the production line continuously stretches the glass, and there are inclined metal rollers on both sides of the tin groove – the pulling wheel constantly stretches the glass surface to both sides. Different thicknesses of glass can be obtained by adjusting the line speed and the width of the pull wheel.

Since the top of the glass is naturally leveled, the flatness is high. The lower surface is the surface in contact with the tin liquid. Under continuous production conditions, the surface of the tin liquid is mirror-like, and the surface flatness is also very high.

This is the production process of float glass.

Post time: Feb-13-2019

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