Spot-Not: A Decanter Cleaner That Works

Everyone knows it is impossible to properly dry and polish the inside of a decanter – until now! Spot-Not is easy to use and so effective. The Spot-Not decanter dryer has two main parts: a drying cloth that goes into the decanter and a drying mitt for the outside. Magnetic bands draw the two parts together – when you move the outer mitt, the inside cloth moves along with it, drying and polishing the inside of the decanter. The results are nothing short of miraculous! Decanters, carafes and even vases you were embarrassed to use are suddenly restored to being your pride and joy.

Spot-Not comes in retail-friendly packaging and master packs of 12, so it is really easy to buy. CDU packaging is available, and an opening trial order sample pack with free shipping is available.

Spot-Not is a product of the Wine Lovers Group, which also offers the amazing, handblown wine glasses of Bottega del Vino Crystal – a world class line of beautiful, wine driven stemware that is light, strong and 100 percent dishwasher safe. Wine Lovers is introducing its new decanter drying rack, The Swan, that folds up to save space when not in use.

Post time: Oct-21-2019

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