How to DIY fireplace match cloche?

How to DIY a unique fireplace match cloche?

As we know,Amony many kinds of packaging,only glass packaging has a high transparent,but also the it is also resistant to high temperature. It can show your products more clearly. 

If you want to custom a unique glass fireplace match cloche bottle,we recommend below one,becuase we can paint color on match cloche,suas as,violet match cloche,moss match cloche,sky match cloche,smoke match cloche,cloud match cloche,ext....we can also modify the size according to your matches length.

There are two convenientional sizes,the smaller one ovalall is 3” diamater*7’’ Height,can put 120pcs of matchsticks,each match size is 3.75’’ long. As for large one,the match cloche bottle size is 3.5’’ diameter*11.25’’ Height,the match length is 7.75’’,matches in glass jar are 120pcs matches.all strikes on bottle flint.Features a Strike-on-Bottle flint for easy lighting.

This glass match cloche with removable cork in bottom,they is made from handblown borosilicate glass.Ideal for hostess gifts,home-decor lovers,holiday festvities,or candle. This style was inspired by a vintage glass cloche.It is suitable for high-end market.

Glass Match Cloche Jar - Fireplace Matches Holder with Striker - Fancy Home Bathroom Decor - Unique Christmas Gifts for Women

1. If you have designed it, please give us the drawing. We help you make it real.

2. If you have any glass bottles you like or are using, you can send them to us by express. We can produce exactly the same or make some slight changes.

3. If you have any ideas, you can still contact us. This way we can make your Custom glass match cloche actually very simple become a reality.

Should you be interested in any glass packaging jars or bottles,please contact me via below information.

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Post time: 2021-11-26

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