Choose the right liquor bottle material and decoration?

  • If your spirits market is high quality, exquisite, then it is recommended that you choose the super flint glass spirits bottle. It can better improve the quality of your products, make your products look more upscale.If your spirits market is positioned below the mid-market, it is recommended that you choose high white liquor bottles, which are more competitive in the market price.
  • Choose the manufacturer and supplier of glass bottles carefully. A good glass bottle manufacturer will have a strict quality control process and you will have a great buying experience. Some irresponsible glass bottle manufacturers will have a lot of product quality problems .Our Linlang packaging has more than 10 years of glass bottle manufacturing experience, strict quality control and after-sales service, we hope to be your best supplier.

1.Customizing liquor ss bottles is simple.

At Linlang packaging Company, we have our own mold factory. We can customize glass bottles of any shape. And the mold cost is cheap, about $1400 – $1600, other suppliers will be much more expensive than that.Custom liquor glass bottles are not expensive.

Don’t be fooled by our low prices, however. We strictly control the quality and pay attention to details to ensure that every glass bottle is qualified. We have more than ten years experience in glass bottle production.Custom liquor glass bottles are actually very simple.

1.If you have designed it, please give us the drawing. We help you make it real.

2.If you have any glass bottles you like or are using, you can send them to us by express. We can produce exactly the same or make some slight changes.

3.If you have any ideas, you can still contact us.This way we can make your Custom liquor glass bottles are actually very simple become a reality.

 Custom bottles can make your spirits stand out and it’s one of a kind.Not only through the shape of the glass bottle can be customized, but also through different decoration to achieve distinctive.

We can print and display your logo and text through different processes.

Glass bottle decoration

So if you have any need, please contact us.

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